Our Tags

Our NFC tags have integrated microchips.  They are layered with an elite National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified encryption algorithm.  This patent-pending solution makes this the perfect authentication tool against counterfeiting, forging, tampering, and many more use cases.

Our tags are wireless, completely encrypted, extremely cost effective, paper thin, virtually weightless, require no power source, and are incredibly small – about half the size of a finger nail – so they can be put into practically anything.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a form of wireless communication.  There are two parts.  The microchips are the first part – they are also called “tags.”  The reader is the second part.  These are always powered, for example, it is a common feature on many smart phones these days.  If your phone has NFC then it can “read” or “scan” NFC tags.  When the reader scans the tag, it wirelessly provides the power and securely reads its contents.

Wirelessly Readable By Smartphones Worldwide

Many smartphones already have wireless NFC readers built right in.  Check your phone model’s specifications to see if you have it.  Smartphones are everywhere, we are only getting more attached to them, and they are only getting more sophisticated.  One quarter of all smartphones will have NFC by 2015.

For the first time ever, this empowers end users with a bullet-proof system to verify product authenticity using the smartphone in their pocket.

Infinite Form Factors

From button-sized laundry tags that can safely go into washing machines to paper thin stickers, Identifide’s solution is available in a practically infinite variety of shapes and sizes that can be customized to your needs.

Revolutionary Brand Interaction

Integrate Identifide into your already existing smartphone app or use the Identifide app.  We can even create a custom app for you.  When your end users scan your tags, you are in direct communication with them.  Brand Interaction at its finest.


These apps can feature rich, elegant user experiences, additional product information in the form of pictures or videos, gifts, prizes, contests, coupons, access to web content, or even product registration.  All live in their hands, in your store.

Be the brand your customers will NEVER forget!


Customer Information

In return, by customers using your app, you will collect their customer information (with their permission) such as email, age, gender, and their interests based on what all they have scanned.  Identifide enables end users to easily and instantly incorporate their interests or purchases into social media right on the spot.  This further increases your brand presence and top-of-mind awareness.

Integration With Existing Databases

Our technologists can integrate our highly secured databases with yours so that you can take all of this incredibly valuable customer information and use it for marketing or customer relationship management to further increase sales and strengthen your brand.

Identifide's Revolutionary Concept

Never before have users been able to scan a tag with their smartphone to check for authenticity, read more about the product, and have deep, feature-rich brand interaction that will create a level of respect and trust that they will never forget - all on their smartphone!