If your business has a problem with counterfeiting, Identifide provides a simple and cost-effective way for your customers to check the authenticity of your products. Identifide cultivates reassurance to both parties.

Supply Chain

Ensuring safe passage of the materials in your supply chain is crucial. Identifide can provide checkpoints to ensure tampering, substitution, and other problems are eliminated. Our technology cannot be circumvented, allowing for the strictest quality controls.


Identifide’s potential in document security is truly limitless. From eliminating the forging of customs paperwork and certifications to currency and identification, our technology ensures that systems put into place for the greater good are respected, and adhered to.


Live inventory tracking and limitless custom integration into complex business databases combined with our industry-leading security protocol redefines what can be done for your company’s assets. Identifide can perfectly track products through supply chains into retail channels, ensuring proper distribution within defined territories.

And much, much more!

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