A Solution Unlike Any Other. Period.

It is no surprise to us that businesses are plagued with rampant counterfeiting problems.  We have yet to see a complete solution ourselves – that is why we devised Identifide.  Here are just a few of the elements we have seen in other solutions which don’t quite make sense to us, and how we differ from them.

What’s Available


If they can see it, they can copy it.

Serial numbers, bar codes, certificates of authenticity, QR codes, etc. – take a picture, then reprint. Not quite the most challenging problem to overcome.


See not, copy not.

Sure they can “see” our tags, but our encryption prevents anyone or anything except our secure databases from being able to read the data and determine whether it is authentic or not.

NIST Certified


In the current industry, security is almost non-existent.  If any security is present, it is non-standard and is easily hackable.


Our tags have integrated microchips which use encryption algorithms that have been put through extreme tests by the best minds in the security business worldwide and are certified by the highest authority in the world – The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This is not only a gold standard, but also an industry first and demonstrates our unrivaled determination for security.

No Special Equipment Required

Black and grey markets are filled with products with dubious authenticity outside of traditional, controlled retail channels.


Whether it is pigments that emit a special hue of light under a specialized reader or micro embroidered metal threads that we can’t see, the consumer has no ability to check if the product is authentic or not even though they are the ones paying for it. Having to go online to check authenticity is pointless because consumers don’t even know if they have the real serial number or a copy of it.


Readable by smartphones worldwide.

With smartphone popularity growing like an epidemic, over 1/4 of the worlds smartphones will have NFC readers built-in by 2015. This form of high security wireless communication has even been adopted as a standard by all the major credit card companies worldwide for high-security, wireless payment.

Brand Interaction


We have yet to see it.


Authentication is only the beginning.

Once the process of interacting with smartphone users is initiated for authentication or any other reason (registration, coupons, contests, prizes), a tremendous amount of data can be exchanged and further product and brand value can be added to each transaction.