Umbrella USB available on online retailers

Umbrella USB is now available for purchase at two online retailers. We launched the SparqEE Store on December 2014 with the Umbrella USB as the first product for sale on the store. This month began selling Umbrella USB as well. Learn more about Umbrella USB at


What is Umbrella USB?

Unwanted data syncing is a problem of the past. Umbrella completely stops automatic syncing – for example iTunes or Windows drivers.

Works on Any Smartphone or Tablet*

If you charge via USB – which all smartphones and tablets do – Umbrella will protect your data. When connected to any USB port, Umbrella allows power to flow to your device so it can charge, but physically disconnects the data connections – eliminating any possible data theft or leak.

  • No App or download required!
  • No settings, switches or charging required – EVER!

*COMPATIBILITY: Although we have a plethora of devices at our disposal to test with, new phones are constantly coming out and sometimes protocols change, so please help us out by letting us know if there are any issues discovered!

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – It appears the Galaxy does not accept the charge rate set by this version of the UmbrellaUSB.